Kicking off Apprentice Training in 2023

April 2023

Our Central regional team have recently launched the first of their Apprentice Training Modules, beginning with Module 1, which focused on Drawings & Specifications.

Phil Wootton, former Maycroft Apprentice and now Operations Manager and Company Director kicked off the session with some inspiring words and personal experiences from his career. While Stu Malins facilitated the training. Over the course of the year, there will be three training modules covering both theoretical and practical learning sessions.

During the first module, the apprentices were taught how to read drawings, starting from the cover page of a drawing set to understanding the various sections of a specification in a set of project documents. They covered different types of drawings, including architectural, structural, civil, hydraulics, electrical ,etc. The apprentices gained a better understanding of which drawing showed what and felt more confident in reading project drawings. The apprentices found the module interesting and asked some great questions around reading contract documents and how a commercial construction project is put together in relation to a large build.

By providing valuable learning opportunities, Maycroft provides our team with valuable knowledge and skills, setting them up for a thriving career in construction.

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