Outward Bound Adventure

July 2023

Thanks to a BCITO Scholarship, Nathan our talented Joinery Apprentice embarked on a transformative adventure with Outward Board, an organization known for its expertise in guiding individuals towards realising their full potential through challenging outdoor experiences.

Throughout the expedition, Nathan forged new friendships and honed his teamwork skills. The organization places a strong emphasis on collaborative efforts, fostering an environment where participants like Nathan rely on and support one another, creating lasting bonds that extend well beyond the confines of the wilderness. Challenged by the course and removed from the comforts of modern life, Nathan gained a fresh perspective and learned to appreciate the simple aspects of daily living that he had often taken for granted. He shared, "Being out at sea or in the wilderness made me value things like clean clothes, a warm bed, and shelter over my head."

We applaud Nathan for his courage, dedication, and willingness to embrace this life-changing opportunity, and we look forward to witnessing his continued growth as a result of this incredible experience with Outward Bound.

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