Commercial Project Award for Old St Pauls

May 2021

Old St Pauls is one of New Zealand’s greatest heritage places, and a much-loved icon of Wellington.

Being a category 1 Heritage building, the Old St Paul’s Seismic upgrade contained no shortage of surprises. After the building was damaged in the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, it needed extensive work done, such as structural strengthening and upgrading. The team needed to preserve and protect as much of the heritage fabric as they could, as well as retaining its authenticity. A challenge the team faced was the several alterations Old St Paul’s has had over the years, making it challenging to work with the various construction techniques. The period of construction meant no two joints were the same. Strengthening and repair work followed traditional trade practices and techniques in preference to modern techniques.

This treasured restoration project was acknowledged with a Gold and National Category Award at the 2021 Commercial Projects Awards. The awards celebrate collaboration and innovation across the building industry and project teams.

Judges commented on "The structured approach to the repair carried out by the structural engineer was another key factor in the success. Together with the project manager and the client, they developed a well-thought-through early works package in consultation with a preferred contractor, who was successful in winning the main contract works package. This highlighted the benefit of a collaborative trust-based team approach to the judges. The senior site foreman played a significant role in the project success and undertook a lot of the prototyping personally. The team valued his contribution to this iconic New Zealand heritage building. He will always be remembered for the key role he played".

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