Mazda Hutt Hub

Mazda Hutt Hub

One of New Zealand’s largest Ford and Mazda dealerships, Capital City Motors is moving its sales and support departments to a new purpose-built facility on High Street in Lower Hutt. At the same time, merging the business with Stevens Motors.

Maycroft has undertaken seismic strengthening of the current workshop on the site, and has completed the construction of a new Mazda showroom.

Designed by Boon Team Architects, the finished structural steel showroom will include a feature vehicle area, launch area, customer lounge and office spaces. The workshop will also have space for 6 vehicles and a cleaning bay. read more

One of the first steps was an asbestos assessment of the workshop. By staging and isolating work zones safely, asbestos material has been carefully removed (in compliance with Asbestos Removal Standards) before the remainder of the strengthening work commenced.

The first challenge for the team was the existing ground conditions. The site was once a petrol station and the soil had hydrocarbon and lead contaminants. On top of that, the soil had poor bearing capacity, meaning the excavation had to go deeper than originally designed. So far 12 fuel tanks have been removed since the beginning of the excavation process.

During the completion of the Mazda showroom, Colonial Motors requested Maycroft to complete two additional workshops, a pre-delivery workshop and Ford workshop. The pre-delivery workshop also has large amount of asbestos, creating our first challenge for 2021.

We are working to a tight timeframe. Works have been strategically staged, with overlapping subtrade scopes, to have the Mazda showroom up and running as soon as possible for our client.

Our Site Team have been using weekly brainstorming sessions and developed an agile schedule to overcome early project obstacles.

This is a project we are excited to be delivering for The Colonial Motor Company.