Massey Canine Unit

Massey Canine Unit

August 2021

We are excited to be working on our first project with Massey University; the construction of a new Canine Unit on a greenfield site. Our central team have completed the build which will provide a facility for the research of husbandry, nutrition, and disease in working dogs.

The building includes kennels with an underfloor hydronic heating system, service space for storage and an area for the treatment and care of dogs.

The main building is constructed from blockwork, timber wall frames and trusses. Meeting and teaching spaces were integrated into the main building for researchers and students from the more

The associated site works included services, fenced walkways, and exercise yards. External sheltered spaces and exercise areas have been constructed and are surrounded by an acoustic fence, giving the dogs plenty of space to run around in. All underground services were installed and connected to the main Massey Campus.

It was great to see Massey students and researchers occupy the main building and conduct trails. We are pleased to be a part of this project and look forward to working with Massey University again.