Massey Canine Unit

Massey Canine Unit


We are excited to be working on first project with Massey University; the construction of a new Canine Unit on a greenfield site. 

This project is to provide a new facility for housing a colony of dogs used for animal food nutrition research.

Constructed from blockwork and timber wallframes and trusses, the building is in two parts; kennels and runs for housing up to 30 dogs plus service space for the storage and preparation of food, an area for the treatment and checking of the animals plus amenities for staff. read more

In addition, there is a separate shelter for dogs plus a number of fenced exercise areas. We will be also adding an underfloor hydrinuc heating system for the dog kennels. 

Other site works include the demolition of several existing buildings, new paved areas for vehicle access and an acoustic fence on three sides of the site. Underground services are to be installed to connect to existing campus services.

One of the early challenges for our project team is managing the risks of working around an 11Kv powerline that is running though the site. 

This project is expected to be completed in early 2021.