Maidstone Community Sports Hub

The Maidstone Community Sports Hub (MCSH) was a significant and comprehensive project aimed at redeveloping and transforming the park. The project comprised a new shared clubrooms, an indoor training facility, and many smaller improvements and upgrades across the grounds.

The new shared clubroom was designed in collaboration with sports clubs and various stakeholders and supported community sport and recreation activities.

The Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) phase of the project proved beneficial in overcoming challenges related to the impact of COVID-19, such as the cost of construction and material scarcity. Following a very successful ECI effort by our Maycroft team, the project was passed to our Operations team for delivery.

This project benefited from the government 'Shovel Ready' fund. The government funding boost, in response to COVID-19, was set up to fast-track infrastructure and environmental restoration projects to stimulate the construction and environmental industries and economy, be of public or regional benefit, and create jobs.

We were thrilled about what this project would bring and for the opportunity to build on our great relationship and involvement with Upper Hutt City Council and the Upper Hutt Community.

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