CoolTranz Distribution Warehouse & Coolstore

CoolTranz Distribution Warehouse & Coolstore

November 2021

CoolTranz engaged with Maycroft to build their new distribution warehouse and coolstore. The new building provides a hub for CoolTranz that allows them to grow their business and streamline their services. The space consists of a 1000m2 EPS panel warehouse and 300m2 freezer, as well as a 195m2 JH Titan office.

The build also consisted of excavations, dock levellers, retaining walls, temperature-controlled services, large scale planting and asphalt.

A challenging, yet interesting part of the build was that the construction of the new warehouse took place close the Palmerston North Airport, so the design of the office and driveway had to be lowered to keep within the heigh restrictions. Anytime work was carried out higher than a truck the team would notify the Airport so they could close the grass runway and alert the flight more