Wellington High School

Wellington High School

November 2011

The redevelopment of the Wellington High School Gymnasium was part of a larger program to enhance the school's built environment.

The new gymnasium has been incorporated into the existing sports facilities and provides modern, functional amenities for the current and future students. The gym needed to be a highly usable space with an emphasis on durability as well as presentation.read more

The build presented an interesting refurbishment project for Maycroft Construction. The roof was removed from the changing room block and the new structure constructed over this area. This saved space on the school grounds and also reduced costs by refurbishing the extant changing rooms. By maintaining the current position of the gym, the new building was located next to the existing smaller gym, the sports field and physical education administration areas.

The build took place on a challenging inner-city site during the school year and as such presented many safety and logistic challenges. Maycroft Construction operated at a high safety standard to ensure students, staff and our own team were safe.

The College is delighted with the outcome and students enjoy having a light-filled, spacious area for their various sporting activities. At Maycroft Construction, the end result is just as important as the build itself.