Wellesley College Hall

Wellesley College Hall

June 2014
DLA Architects

Over 12 years ago, the Wellesley College Board of Trustees embarked on an extensive capital works programme. Redevelopment of the school hall marks Stage 4 of this programme and the first stage undertaken by Maycroft Construction.

With an roll increase from 200 to 350 pupils, Wellesley College had outgrown its school hall. The old structure was demolished to make way for a new multi-purpose building that serves as a gymnasium, hall and chapel. read more

The gymnasium space has a top-end sprung timber floor that can accommodate a full-sized basketball court and a variety of other indoor sports. The space can also contain seating for the entire school and their families for special events. The electronically controlled tiered seating provides excellent viewing looking down to the floor or up to staging. The design paid close attention to acoustic dynamics and included audio visual equipment specifications to create the perfect event venue for staging productions such as drama, conferences and concerts.

The one-storey hall is constructed of steel portal frames and perimeter block walls. Wellesley is a highly visible historic complex and the design and quality of the build had to meet the standards of the school board.

We enjoyed working with Wellesley College and the consultant team on this exciting project.

We are sure the College is delighted with the new facilities.