Villa Joseph

Villa Joseph


Maycroft has been engaged in an ECI contract with the Sisters of Mercy NZ Trust to develop new social spaces and two additional accommodation wings to the existing Mercy Villas. The new building will add an additional 11 studio apartments and two new social spaces to the existing 41 units. The design is a single level development that wraps around an external courtyard, with external timber cladding and a large mono-pitch roof.

The construction methodology will initially focus on creating a safe and efficient site set up with clear demarcation between construction and client operations, in efforts to mitigate disturbance to the current residents. The existing Villas are situated in a quiet and tranquil area, and to preserve the surrounding environment Maycroft will implement all feasible ways to prevent more

The construction of the new building will involve conventional building processes. Maycroft will programme works in a sequence that creates the most efficient path towards a weathertight enclosure, followed by a focused effort to progress the services and finishing trades in a logically and quality driven sequence. Due to the “U” shape of the building, a concrete slab will be poured in 4 stages and timber framing will be designed and prefabricated off site to increase efficiency, large amounts of structural steel will also be integrated into the building.

An exciting feature of the build is the installation of the St Mary’s Chapel stained-glass windows. These windows were removed from the Chapel and will be restored and installed into the new Villa Joseph Care Suite.