UCOL Block 11

UCOL Block 11

Formally the King St Plunket rooms, the UCOL Block 11 building is a local heritage icon for the Palmerston North community and has become an exciting project for Maycroft. The building has been owned by UCOL since 1997 but has not been used since 2012 due to earthquake risks.

The building will be earthquake strengthened and renovated with the vision of creating space for a student support hub; offering services related to student welfare, employment, and international student needs.

The new hub will consist of meeting and breakout rooms and an area for students to develop their skills and talent within the workforce through real-world experience. The refurbishment of the building will become a part of the initiative to redesign King Street to create a vibrant place within the community. As the street-front location is directly adjacent to a busy pedestrian way, site security will be paramount to ensure the safety of the public.read more

Built in 1929, the single-story, brick exterior and the tiled roof is iconic to the architecture of the time and will remain unchanged. The priceless interior features of glass and heart rimu features will be protected or recycled as the seismic strengthening, foundation work, steel bracing and a diaphragm in the ceiling takes place. All structural reinforcement will be erected inside the external brick walls. The existing flooring will be uplifted to allow new foundation beams and pads to be formed adjacent to the existing foundations.

Due to the heritage nature of the building, it is vital the preservation works are undertaken with the extreme care. Structural steel and reinforcing cages will be carefully positioned into the building.