Rudolf Steiner School New Teaching Block

Rudolf Steiner School New Teaching Block

For the new Teaching Block at Rudolf Steiner School Maycroft initially intended to complete a base build package, but after the first site visit to Rudolf Steiner in late 2018 there was a change in philosophy. It was suggested and agreed that the entire project should be constructed in one steady operation.

This project comes with a few challenges, including working in a live school environment, narrow and restricted access to the site as well as steep terrain. But this is just a normal day’s work for more

As the construction process of the new Teaching Block will commence beside the existing and fully operational school, health and safety is imperative. The site will be secured to ensure there is a safe and clear physical barrier between our works and will include spaces for parking and necessary storage. We expect the new construction works will cause minor disruption to the existing school; however, this will be largely mitigated through our close communication with Rudolf Steiner School.

The construction of the new teaching block includes excavation, services relocation, retaining walls, large reinforced concrete piles, structural steel, main frame timber and bracing of floors and walls.

Rudolf Steiner School has a beautiful surrounding environment, and it is our full intent to protect and keep the surrounding grounds clean. Silt socks will be installed where grass surfaces run onto hard surfaces. Silt run off will be monitored and cleaned after periods of heavy construction, rain, and inclement weather.

Maycroft Construction are excited to bring this project to life and are confident the new Teaching Block complex will benefit the existing school to create an amazing space to teach and learn.