Property Brokers Interior Fit Out

Property Brokers Interior Fit Out

December 2016
$5.4M (Building Total)

The purpose of the Property Brokers head office was two-fold: bring the team together under one roof and provide a welcoming space for clients. Our local office, Maycroft Central Region, understood these goals and delivered an internal fit-out that fit them perfectly.

Bringing the team together

The head office assists 40 Property Brokers offices throughout provincial New Zealand, as well as providing services to the local Palmerston North property market. Previously, the head office team was spread over four locations throughout the city. The new office has space and services to easily house all 97 staff from the property divisions and support staff from IT, training, finance, and marketing. The compliance, commercial, rural, lifestyle, residential and property management departments can now work more cohesively and are closely more

The working environment

The new space is filled with natural light that streams in through the glass atriums at the north and south of the building. The light is further spread throughout the building by glazed internal walls. This openness also helps foster team communications.

A high level of services was required for communications within the team and with clients. In the foyer, interactive screens provide the public with up-to-date information about the current properties for sale and rent. Additionally, services for environmental control and emergency services (such as fire suppression) ensure that staff and customers are kept comfortable and safe.

Local café

Just as important as the work areas is the café in the main foyer. Property Brokers wanted to provide a space that was suitable for both productive collaboration and social relaxation. To this end, the café is attractively finished with a mix of native timber, tiles and flagstones, and has a range of seating options. It is also acoustically perfect for conducting conversations, with high battened ceilings.

Maycroft's role

Maycroft Construction worked closely with Property Brokers to help them achieve their goal of a head office that provided a home for both clients and staff. We ensured a high level of finish and services throughout the building, believing this is essential for the working environment and client-facing areas, and used adept management to complete the build in the required timeframe.

For more information about this build, visit the Property Brokers Office Complex page.



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