New World Pahiatua Upgrade

New World Pahiatua Upgrade

June 2016

New World supermarkets are an integral part of many rural towns in New Zealand. Maycroft was delighted to undertake the extensive renovation of New World Pahiatua, as part of Foodstuff’s nationwide upgrade.

The project included the demolition of redundant adjacent buildings, a reconfiguration of the retail and preparation areas, and construction of new facades and staff facilities. As part of the upgrade, the building was also earthquake strengthened through a new external buttress. This provided a new walkway while ensuring the flow inside the building more

Working within a 100-year-old building presented a significant challenge. With older buildings, there are always unknowns, but we limited the impact of these by maintaining clear communication with the client. We completed the job within the tight timeframe allowed.

The New World is essential to local shoppers and had to stay open while construction took place. The heavy demolition created a safety concern but with fastidious planning we kept staff and shoppers safe.

Foodstuffs North Island and Maycroft are very happy with the end result. The supermarket is our first completed project in the Central region and one to be proud of. We feel the new, modern look of the building injects fresh life into the Pahiatua streetscape and the facilities inside are a first-class amenity for shoppers.