MVT Woburn Care Suite Development

MVT Woburn Care Suite Development

The Masonic Village Trust Woburn Care Facility provides quality lifestyle with modern and user-friendly services for the optimal care of their residents.

Maycroft has been engaged to provide ECI and Construction services on a project to upgrade the care facilities and provide an internal fit-out. It will involve the demolition of part of the current care facility to make way for a contemporary space consisting of 1–2-bedroom units.

Demolition and construction commenced in early 2021.

The new care facility will have the best features to provide quality healthcare to all residents. Natural light will be integrated into the lighting control system and will have the option to customise settings that suits the preferences of the staff and residents. The existing hot water plant room will be decommissioned, and new gas heated boilers will be installed to provide all the hot water facilities, with the design to provide heat during winter or at the demand of the residents and more

A modern nurse call point system will be installed to help staff address call points from the residents. The system will be programmed to initiate alarms on the staff monitors/handheld devices. Two modern state lifts will be installed to commute beds and passengers. Security systems will be upgraded to ensure the wellbeing of the residents and staff.

New concrete slabs have been programmed to be placed in five pours. Following the pours of the main slabs, the bathroom sloped floors will be prepared, poured, and finished to a high standard. The structure of the building will utilise structural steel to ensure longevity and safety in frightful situations such as earthquakes, to ensure residents safety.