Messines Defence Centre Building

Messines Defence Centre Building

September 2016
$4.6 million
GHD Limited

The Messines Defence Centre Building houses part of the Army General Staff. Around 300 staff use the facility, which includes a mix of office and teaching spaces and offers support to New Zealand's armed forces. Built in 1980, the building was in need of an upgrade to both its services and aesthetics.

Maycroft Construction was honoured to win the tender for the refurbishment and services upgrade of Messines Defence Centre. The brief included a total strip out of the interior partitions, ceilings, services, flooring, and furniture. Asbestos also needed to be removed before the final strip out. read more

On the exterior, blue mosaic tiles on the low level spandrel and high level extension were replaced or overlaid with more modern cladding. The remainder of the exterior had a full repaint.

A large part of the refurbishment were services: for any military organisation, effective and reliable communications are essential. While the extensive integration of fibre, data and security services were installed by NZDF’s own subcontractors (this being sensitive information), Maycroft provided additional structural support. Due to the current speed of technological development, these were all future-proofed. Two-pieced trunking to the perimeter walls allows for expansion of the main office areas and suspended ceilings throughout the main floor areas allow for additional services to be installed wherever and whenever necessary. Existing main service risers were cleaned out to allow services to be run from floor-to-floor.

The building was outside the ‘fence line’, so no additional security was needed. As with any Maycroft building site, thorough, site-specific inductions were carried out for each and every person working on the refurbishment contract, along with all persons signing in and out using the site visitors book.

Maycroft Construction is exceptionally proud of this project; the level of services provided is high and the transformation of the building’s exterior is outstanding.