Maidstone Intermediate

Maidstone Intermediate

October 2011

For 40 years, the library at Maidstone Intermediate had served its students well, but by 2010, the building and its facilities were outdated. It was decided to demolish the old building and create a new, state-of-the-art information centre.

The new building, named Pataka Unga Matauranga, used award-winning design to offer new technology that blended into the existing school landscape. Completed in 2011, the 400m2 information centre contains a library, computer technology classroom, multi-media room and teacher's resource room. read more

The new build took place in a courtyard, surrounded by classrooms and other teaching spaces. Maycroft Construction has a wealth of experience building on school sites, and employed our high standard of protection and care to ensure the safety of pupils, staff, and our on-site workers. We also minimised disruption to ongoing school activities.

We are pleased to have been part of this project, and look forward to continuing our relationship with Maidstone Intermediate.

Read more about the opening of the new Maidstone Intermediate information centre here.



NZIA Education Award

The jury commended the Maidstone Intermediate School Information Centre, saying it "provides an invigorating heart for the school and its community".

Wellington Architecture Award - Education

This project provides an invigorating heart for Maidstone Intermediate and its community. A simple wedge forms a lofty volume - which nevertheless has a personal scale - deftly integrated into a contrasting context of single-storey buildings and well-established trees. Re-interpretations of existing exterior details coexist successfully with a Pacific-influenced screen that scatters sunlight through a geometry of slats and branches. This careful treatment of light is also evident in the careful placement of autumnal carpet tiles and the warmth of colour in the recessing seating nooks - their popularity testament to the success of the project. 

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