Kahurangi School, Strathmore

Kahurangi School, Strathmore

September 2013

Maycroft Construction has an excellent working relationship with the Ministry of Education and this continued with the Kahurangi School project.

Kahurangi School merged two existing schools – Strathmore Community and Miramar South – on the Strathmore site. The new school caters for 200 co-ed students and was completed in September 2013.read more

The combination of two schools, each with their own culture and history, provided a challenge for architect Murray Robertson. He needed to create a identity for the new school, while preserving those of the older schools. The resulting design is strikingly modern, yet sympathetic to the heritage nature of the existing buildings. The original architecture has been conserved, but the buildings now provide colourful, airy and open spaces to facilitate learning.

The project included the total refurbishment and upgrade of two existing buildings, as well as the relocation and conversion of a building from the Miramar South School. The existing buildings have been restrengthened and fully insulated with double glazing retro-fitted into the original window sashes.

The project also included the construction of a stunning new administration block that houses the new school library and staff facilities, and creates a welcoming entranceway on Strathmore Avenue.

Together, the consultant team and Maycroft Construction have produced a fantastic result for the Ministry of Education, the school's staff and pupils, and the Strathmore community as a whole.