Johnsonville School Classroom Block

Johnsonville School Classroom Block


The new teaching block at Johnsonville School will replace old classrooms that are no longer fit for purpose and provide modern teaching and learning spaces for the school's expected roll growth.

To prepare the site for the new building, the junior playground will be removed, old classrooms will be demolished, and significant excavation, retaining and earthworks will prepare the gently sloping area.

The two-story classroom block will include breakout learning spaces, bathroom facilities, and a technology hub. An accessibility lift, double-glazed windows, good ventilation and heating, and interior features will make for a comfortable learning environment for staff and more

Our extensive experience working within a live school environment means we have sound practices in place to maintain the safety of students, staff and visitors to the school.  Construction zones are cordoned off from the learning and play spaces. Major noisy and disruptive works will be coordinated with the school.

This is an exciting project for Johnsonville School and we are thrilled to be delivering this project for them.