Research, Health & Aged Care

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Quality health and aged care facilities are vital for a healthy New Zealand. Maycroft Construction is proud of our long history of providing reliable building and project management services for this sector.

Healthcare facilities demand a high level of services, including electrical, fire safety and security. Maycroft Construction delivers these services to the highest standard, knowing they are important for the health, safety, and comfort of patients. 

We have partnered with public and private healthcare providers throughout the Wellington and Central regions, working on everything from single wards to entire hospitals. Our past work includes refits and new builds, working on challenging sites in busy locations.

Many of our projects are conducted while the facilities were still operating. We put programs and processes in place to keep patients, clients and staff safe, while working efficiently to deliver projects on time.

The New Zealand healthcare system is continually evolving to provide the best care and Maycroft Construction is at the forefront of these developments.