Hanson Court Flats

Hanson Court Flats

February 2012
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The Housing Upgrade Project (HUP) is a joint venture between Wellington City Council (WCC) and the Crown to upgrade social housing in the capital. The 20-year project will provide better housing for tenants through installation of insulation and improving ventilation and heating systems, as well as better recreational facilities and communal areas.read more

As part of HUP, Maycroft Construction undertook the redevelopment of the Hanson Street housing complex in Newtown. The project commenced in April 2010.

Housing continuity for tenants was a key priority for both Maycroft Construction and WCC. This required work to be completed in three distinct phases:

  • Phase One: complete refurbishment of the 8-level, 35 unit Tower Block.
  • Phase Two: refurbishment of the 4-level Podium Block.
  • Phase Three: completion of the three Sisters Blocks.

Despite the massive amount of work and coordination involved in this large-scale project, Phase Three was completed on time and on budget in February 2012.

This was a complex and demanding project, with work including the exterior and interior of the buildings.

The exterior was improved with new accessways (both ramps and driveways), as well as extensive landscaping and functional outdoor lighting.

The interior of the buildings was made safer, more energy-efficient and more comfortable. We installed insulation, ventilation and heating, as well as double glazing on all windows, and built a community space and laundry for tenants. Additionally, each building had a secure entry system installed to provide safe access for tenants and visitors. Each unit now has a modern, functional kitchen and bathroom, as well as fresh paint, curtains and carpet.

Maycroft provided considerable savings for this project. While working on the Hanson Court construction, we were also preparing the Regent Park site. These preparations included the removal of 38 units, which were originally scheduled for demolition. We were able to salvage several sections of these units and these were transported to the Hanson Court site and developed into a Community Centre.

We’re proud of this initiative and the coordination of two separate projects that brought even more value to the HUP and the residents at Hanson Court.

On top of these achievements, our project team achieved zero defects at practical completion – a feat we are very pleased with.

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