Elderslea Retirement Home

Elderslea Retirement Home

October 2012

Eldersea Retirement Home in Upper Hutt is known for its parklike grounds and the engaging, active role it plays in the community. With demand for aged and dementia care growing, it was decided to expand the Home and its offerings.

Maycroft Construction undertook extensive construction and refurbishment of the Home’s facilities as part of the Oceanic Group’s nationwide redevelopment project. We built a new two-storey residential and hospital building, which included accommodation, care and administration facilities. read more

The construction significantly expanded Eldersea’s capacity. The ground floor of the new building contains 35 rest home beds and the first floor another 35 hospital beds. A further addition to an existing building provides a 20-bed dementia unit.

Eldersea’s supporting facilities were also upgraded and expanded. New common areas, such as lounges and offices, were incorporated into the accommodation. We also upgraded the existing kitchen and laundry.

The rest home continued to operate throughout construction. Maycroft has a wealth of experience working within operational health facilities, while minimising the impact of construction upon residents. Noise and disruptions were reduced and safety processes put in place to protect residents, staff, and our own employees.  

The resulting facility provides a positive and welcoming environment for residents, without an institutional feel.