Palmerston North Hospital EDOA & MAPU

Palmerston North Hospital EDOA & MAPU

Maycroft Central have commenced a second project for the MidCentral District Health Board at Palmerston North Hospital. This is a critical project for MDHB, a temporary solution to ease the cramped ED conditions and pressures, and reduce unacceptable wait times.

The new 750m² facility is located at the front of the existing Emergency Department and will eventually connect to ED via an enclosed linkway. The building will house two areas for people needing assessment or observation before or instead of being more

The Emergency Department Observation Area (EDOA) will have 10 beds, where adults can be observed and checked for up to 12 hours, freeing up six beds in the ED. The Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU) will have 20 beds, where patients can be assessed, treated and discharged within 48 hours without a full hospital admission.

As the development means the loss of existing mobility carparks, the first priority was to construct a new mobility carpark including block retaining wall with handrail, and associated siteworks.

The foundation walls were poured over 3 stages using a complex DOKA formwork system, with very little tolerance for the positions of hold-down bolts for the structural steel frame to follow. Project Manager, Marty Yaxley, noted it was the first time any of the site team had used this system, and after an initial couple of days getting their heads around it, they have now become quite adept – a great learning experience.