Bupa Fergusson

Bupa Fergusson

26 months

International healthcare group Bupa is expanding their existing Fergusson Retirement Village to meet growing demand. The latest extension, due for completion in late 2019, is a three-storey, 5000m2 building that will house 50 apartments (a mix of one and two-bedroom units) and a common dining and lounge area.

We were initially engaged under an ECI framework to provide buildability advice and technical support during the design phase, and we have now commenced construction of the two-stage main building.

The structure comprises mass foundations with steel and AFS walls and will be clad with brick, colour steel and weatherboard. A number of very large foundations means deep excavations and significant formwork are required. Although faster to erect than traditional precast concrete and steel walls, the AFS walls require a very high level of accuracy in installation.read more

The complex roofing system is also keeping our team guessing: The roof is a mix of gables and troughs, and changes all the way the across the building. Right from the start of the ECI phase, our team has worked closely with consultants to ensure the design was feasible. During construction, a very high level of coordination and precision will be required to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Adding further challenge is the facility’s high-profile location on the corner of Fergusson Road in Upper Hutt. A significant build in a busy area, the project is attracting significant interest from passers-by and the public, requiring careful stakeholder management.  

Our team is also working closely with Bupa and consultants to achieve a 6-Star Homestar rating from the Green Building Council. A 6-Star Homestar rating provides assurance that a building will be better quality - warmer, drier, healthier and cost less to run - than a typical new building built to building code. Achieving the rating requires adherence to a number of criteria related to the design and building quality and the exterior landscaping.

Once complete, Bupa Fergusson will be a modern, welcoming home for its new residents.