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Signing on for safety

June 28, 2018

On a busy construction site, keeping track of everyone can be a nightmare. Subcontractors arrive and leave throughout the day, and there might be other visitors like stakeholders, clients or business partners. Keeping tabs on everyone can be a huge challenge, so we’ve found a simple way to help our teams keep track of who’s on site.

We’ve launched SignOnSite, an app which enables people to automatically sign in or out when entering or leaving a project site. It’s a faster, more accurate way to track who’s on site. 

SignOnSite simplifies our attendance records, inductions, site briefings/pre-start messaging and evacuations processes.  Linked to our other key project management systems, it automatically calculates manhours for projects, tracks key health and safety statistics and provides other important information for our clients. SignOnSite uses GPS location services built into tablets and mobile phones to capture key real time information about what’s happening on site.

HSEQ Manager Denise Steele says that the launch of SignOnSite is all part of our commitment to continuous improvement. Steve Jobs said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.  Maycroft aspires to be a leader in all areas of the construction industry – SignOnSite is just one innovation that supports this goal.”


 SignOnSite helps make our sites safer in a number of ways:

  1. Visibility

SignOnSite enables us to see at a glance who’s on site and whether they are inducted.

  1. Accounting for people in an emergency

In an emergency, communication is critical. During a crisis, SignOnSite will alert all signed on devices to evacuate and provide site managers with a list of everyone currently signed on to site, enabling everyone to be accounted for.

  1. Managing fatigue

SignOnSite helps us track how many hours our teams are actually working, so we can plan their tasks to optimise efficiency and reduce risk of fatigue. Capturing 'actual' hours also helps better estimate safety metrics such as Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates (LTIFR's).

  1. Better communication with site teams

As contractors arrive on site at different times of day and through various entry points, it can be hard to ensure a consistent message is conveyed to everyone. With SignOnSite, we can communicate with the whole workforce at any time using the touch of a button.

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