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July 16, 2018

Cadets are the future of our industry and we need to support them to become the best they can be. At Maycroft, we offer our cadets a well-balanced mix of mentoring, practical and theory-based learning so that they can gain the skills they need to excel.

But the transition from university to the real world can be pretty daunting, so if you’re about to graduate and join the workforce, what should you expect?

Construction Management cadet James Havler gives us the low-down on life as a cadet at Maycroft.


How are you finding working at Maycroft?

Doing a cadetship with Maycroft has been the perfect transition from university to the workforce. Everyone is warm, welcoming and happy to help.


What made you want to work in construction?

I’ve always had an interest in construction as my Dad is involved in the industry. I was heavily involved in arts/music and design subjects throughout my schooling, which made choosing a career really hard! In the end, I decided to do a Bachelor of Building Science majoring in Project Management at Victoria University, as I knew it would give me a good grounding.


How do you think the construction industry will change over the course of your career?

I believe the construction industry will change immensely over the course over my career. There are constantly new projects on the go as well as rework to leaky or earthquake prone buildings….I guess you could say it’s a never-ending cycle! The industry is also heading towards a more sustainable  approach, which is really exciting.


What project(s) are you working on at the moment and what are you doing on that project?

I’m working across a range of projects on a diverse range of tasks. I’m quite heavily involved in the Karori Auto Services project, where I’m helping manage subcontractors, attending contractor meetings to discuss progress and compiling all required documentation when subcontractors commence or  sign off their scope of work.  


Is working on site the same or different than you thought it would be? What's different (if anything)?

I’m currently completing the Health and Safety module of my cadetship, so I’m not solely working on projects. As part of this module I get the opportunity to visit all our sites and learn how a Health and Safety Manager operates. I like working on multiple projects at a time as it keeps a variety of work on my plate and enables me to learn from a range of different projects.  


What sort of training/support do you get to help you learn and develop?

My cadetship involves 10 different modules, from Health and Safety through to Quantity Surveying and Quality Assurance. I have a mentor for each of these modules who teaches me what I need to know to run my own projects in the future. 


What are your aspirations for the future?

Ultimately I’d like to manage multi-million dollar construction projects. At the moment I’m trying to develop my knowledge and get experience on a range of different projects.


What things did you learn at university that you are looking forward to applying at Maycroft?

At university I developed a broad general background in construction and learnt to use various software programmes, as well as developing presentation, research and time management skills. I also learnt a lot about people - understanding how people think and work well in groups. I’m looking forward to developing myself and my career at Maycroft and seeing what the future holds!






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