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Caitlin's a Bright Spark

March 12, 2018

Caitlin Carter loves finding smart solutions to solve problems. So as a Cadet Services Coordinator, she’s in the right job. Caitlin works with site teams to solve challenges with the installation and commissioning of services, and plan projects to ensure they are a success.

Caitlin joined Maycroft in 2016 after completing her electrical apprenticeship and working as an Electrician for residential and commercial developments. Her ultimate goal is to become a Services Engineer, but a career in construction wasn’t always on the cards she says “After working in retail from when I left school, an opportunity came along to undertake an Electrical Apprenticeship. Being a female, this was a daunting thought, particularly in a male-dominated construction environment. However having a friend who was doing his apprenticeship at the time gave me an insight to the potential career prospects. In today’s world where diversity and inclusion are promoted in the workplace, becoming an Electrician has rewarded me with some great opportunities, as well as knowledge and experience.”

The nature of Caitlin’s work means there’s no such thing as a typical day. On any given day she might be in the office working on planning or programming or out on site working with construction teams on one of our projects (Wellington College Memorial Hall, Boulcott Farm Heritage Golf Course and BUPA Ferguson). It’s this variety that Caitlin relishes about her role. That, and the quizzes at Morning Tea!

Caitlin’s proudest achievement in life is qualifying as an electrician.




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